Ebook: Start A Home Yoga Practice

Isabelle’s Guide to a Home Practice.

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You don’t have time
You don’t have the perfect space
You feel like you are not improving
You get bored
You don’t know what to do on the mat
You don’t find the peace and motivation to get into the flow of yoga
You don’t know what type of yoga to do
Beginner classes are too easy for you, but advanced classes are too hard.
You feel discouraged when you’re not able to do challenging postures


Wake up in the morning and flow into your yoga practice

Do yoga in a way that will give you a peaceful mind and the grounding in your spiritual practice that you seek

Simply roll out your mat, close your eyes, tune into your body and intuitively know how to move your body

Practice yoga that works on all layers of your being, not only on the physical, but also on the emotional, spiritual and mental level.

What you will find in this ebook are the tools, technique and practices I have found most powerful to kickstart your home yoga practice.

This not just an ebook, it is a step by step program that will guide you, inspire you and give you valuable insights that will make you

Realise why you were unable to do yoga before
Explain how you can fit yoga into your daily routine in a way that will
Support your goal of become a beautiful, confident, grounded and balanced yogi.


The first chapter is all about the WHY. What will you get out of a home yoga practice? We will get inside your head and rewrite your story that you have been telling yourself. My story went from an ‘insecure and self-loathing chick’ to badass, inspirational and authentic yogini.

The benefits of a home yoga practice
How this book will help you
My story
How to re-write your personal story

The second chapter we will shine light on how you can create space in your mind in your home to start a home yoga practice.

Where should I practice at home?
How to create a yoga altar
When should I do yoga?

The third chapter is all about yogic lifestyle and making sure you will be a LEGIT yogi. I explain how to create yoga sequence, introduce you to the Indian science of life Ayurveda and show you how it will support you in your home practice.

How to create a yoga sequence?
A short introduction to Ayurveda
How to eat like a yogi
A day in the life of a yogi
Yoga off the mat

The fourth chapter
is what you should do when you have been off the mat for several weeks, months or maybe even years. Don’t worry Girl, we got this!

How to get your groove back
My 6 secret tips that get will get you excited for yoga!

The fifth chapter brings everything together and sets you up for success for your home yoga practice!

3 reviews for Ebook: Start A Home Yoga Practice

  1. Janie

    I have done my morning routine now 3 weeks in a row and your book truly inspired me! I never thought of doing an intuitive home yoga practice in the morning. I always thought I need to have a proper plan and proper poses.

  2. Amanda

    Isabelle’s E-book came to me at the perfect time. When you haven’t practiced yoga in months, you start to question how to get back into it and self-doubt gets the best of you. I especially love how practical this e-book is– how easy it is to follow along and more importantly, that Isabelle offers you real-life examples of how to get back on the mat. She is relatable and makes you feel like you, too, are capable of being a badass yogi. T

    he exercises in the e-book called for lots of introspection and allowed me to pinpoint some bad habits that were preventing me from reaching my full potential. Since reading her e-book, I have gotten back on my mat and even managed to meditate. I am proud of myself but I truly believe that Isabelle facilitated this transition and inspired me to believe in myself again. Thank you!

  3. Eve

    I am very happy to say that Isabelle’s ebook prompted me to finally, REALLY start a home yoga practice! Even though I have practiced yoga for a few years already in a studio, I would still only practice at home on and off. With the information from the book I managed to create a yoga practice that really works and that motivates me to get on my mat each morning. And I started a meditation practice right after which I didn’t even plan to do! Every day started with yoga is filled with much more ease, flow and joy, and much less pain and numbness in my body. I have more energy to go about my life and rely less on coffee and chocolate. I highly recommend the ebook to all yogis no matter experience level!

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